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Database Managment Services

When running a business, the first focus is always on your clients; however, recruiter candidates are as important as your clients. Your employees may not pay bills for the vendors, but without the right candidate, your company will not be able to generate revenues which will help you to pay the bills. If managed effectively, database management service could be an excellent asset for you, which will let you save money and time and even source new opportunities in terms of business.

MeRecruiterz offers 24 x 7 scalable and resilient database management service, which will help you get access to a comprehensive range of database which will look after your daily operations. We cover a wide range of things under database management service, which includes database administration, disaster recovery, implementation, support, optimisation, and maintenance. We at MeRecruiterz can also assist you with configuration and database clustering, database installation, replication, and migration.

Our qualified and professional database management team are backed by years of experience, and all of them have industry-leading certification as well. Our expertise in database management will tell you that you will never run into downtime issues and will always be equipped with proactive expert care only.

When you choose us, you choose a dedicated support team who is always prepared for all kinds of challenges. We take corrective action plans, analyse, prepare backup, and have the capacity to do to disaster recovery as well.

We have a robust term who are well-versed with emerging technologies, which are Google Cloud Platform, Hadoop, SQL Server, MySQL, Cassandra, and more.

MeRecruiterz’s reliable database management service is all you need for your organisation. We are confident and always available to you whenever you need us.

Why Choose Us

100% transparency
We are always transparent with our clients. We give you real-time updates which will make you aware of the health of your system round the clock.

Robust Framework
We give you regular security reviews and always ready with our ongoing live monitoring, which will help you see the weak spots so that you get enough time to fix them.

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