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Outsourced Recruitment Solutions

Competition is intensifying, and it becomes crucial for any company to adopt innovative solutions to attract the right candidate for the right job. This is why MeRecruiterz is different from others. We understand that different companies have different requirements and that’s why we tailor our recruitment service each time.

We deliver solutions which are scalable and help companies hire quality candidates. We take over all the aspects of recruitment stages. We access recruitments, build a powerful image of the organization, manage compliances, source talented candidates and also assist organizations with pre-employment screening as well. Basically, we take over the designing and execution of the entire recruitment cycle. Our approach helps your company to save valuable time and money, recruit different candidates for multiple positions, and leverage our expertise in the recruitment process.

Our extensive range of recruitment service includes, managed service provider, recruitment process outsourcing, modular services, as well as, vendor management solutions, as well.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing doesn’t just take brief and fill the role. We go beyond that. We tailor each of our solution, which will cater to our esteemed client’s expectations. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution provider. We are a custom solution provider.

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Vendor Management System

Our Vendor Management System takes full responsibility of researching and sourcing right vendors for different organizations, negotiate price and contracts, obtain quotes, take care of quality work, manage the relationship between companies and vendors, and more.

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MSP (Managed Service Provider) Solution

Two third of the companies have already partnered with the managed service provider. We can help you manage your day-to-day workload hassle. We set you free from tiresome and never-ending work so that you get to concentrate on your company’s core objectives.

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Global trends in talent solutions

Address your contingent workforce challenges today.

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